Janie Hanson

My passion for art has been a consistent theme throughout my life. Having been educated and employed in both art and business, I am pursuing my vision to build bridges between these two worlds. Balancing a return to the farm of my childhood in Minnesota with the lifestyle and career of my adulthood in New York City and beyond, I am eager to create new opportunities to weave together the urban and rural lifestyles.



Over the past few years, my involvement in art began simply as a creative outlet to balance my career in the corporate world. However, exploring the creative process through photography led me to consider how artistic practice can improve skills valuable in non-art fields. With this idea I began developing Connect the Grey, an organization that links art and business by teaching creativity, designed to cultivate a more effective balance between creative and analytical processes in the workplace. The Connect the Grey website contains behind-the-scenes articles and other information for anyone interested in discussing the links between art, creativity, and business.




Inspiration was always easy to come by when spending time with my mom. She was my biggest motivator to think and live creatively, to carve my own path in life. Her encouragement to start sharing my work with others helped ignite my career transition, and this website is dedicated to her memory.